Christina is a jubilant animal-lover who has been vegan for 14 years. In that sense, she has been seeking to minimize harm to sentient beings and the planet for over a decade, but after her father’s death in 2007 is when she began to investigate spiritual practice as a means to cope with the tremendous loss. Loved ones introduced her to yoga and Vipassana meditation, to which Christina turned in times of need. After having lived at the Art Monastery Project in Italy with “Artmonks” whose primary teachers were Joel and Michelle Levey, she delved deeper into her exploration of meditation as a way of life. She saw it open up her awareness, calm her anxiety, and minimize harmful reactive and distracted patterns.

When she heard that Luminous Ground would be hosting a retreat along with Joel and Michelle Levey in October of 2016, she could not miss the chance to meet the teachers who had inspired her practice; this is how she came into fortuitous and timely contact with Paul and the beautiful LG community. At her second LG retreat, she became better acquainted with Paul and the group’s personality, structure, and dedication to freeing all beings from suffering, all whilst dealing with loss in her own family and seeing those around her suffer in profound and difficult ways. She felt that she was gaining the capacity to effectively deal with suffering in her own life, but she wished to acquire the skills to help her loved ones and those in her surroundings to be free from suffering, too. Thus, since mid-2017, she has been studying formally with her teacher, Paul, and with LG to reach these goals, for herself and for all beings.

Apart from her work with LG, Christina is in the midst of completing her PhD in Italian Studies at the University of Toronto. Originally from Montréal, she is a multilingual writer, translator, editor, and teacher, and she makes the best stir-fried garlicky kale (seriously). She lives in Toronto with her husband, Dane, and her rescue dog, Zoe.