Reza was introduced to mindfulness practice in 2012 through a colleague who became a dear friend. In 2014, he joined his sister and brother-in-law as a formal practitioner at Luminous Ground; founded by Principal Teacher and mentor, Paul Baranowski.

His favourite style of practice is group sharing as it creates the conditions for participants to communicate their experiences authentically. It is in this arena that often sparks deeper awareness with his own experiences including the expansion of his capacity to experience compassion for himself and others. In addition to meditation, Reza actively trains in Nonviolent Communication, digital learning technologies, and fitness. He aspires to help people develop and deepen their awareness of mindfulness in all avenues of their lives to support their pursuits of happiness.

Reza is a Professor at George Brown College: Angelo DelZotto School of Construction and is responsible for training and developing students to successfully pursue and achieve work placements in the construction industry.