Teacher Training

You may notice if you head to the People page, we have a teacher-apprentice model. How does our teacher training work?

The one of the primary goals of LG is to train teachers to teach meditation. In order for someone to be able to teach meditation, an inner transformation must occur. We must step into the realm of fearlessness. Underlying fears of uncertainty, losing control, rejection and isolation, destruction, and being nothing must be transmuted into awareness. When all actions in our life are coming from a wish for all to be free of suffering, we have an unstoppable power to benefit others. We experience life from a place of true love and emotional balance.

Apprentices undertake formal training and training to integrate the practices into daily life.

Formal training includes:

  • Firm grounding in mindfulness of the body, feelings, and thoughts
    • Counting meditation
    • Mindfulness of breath
    • Body relaxation / body scanning
  • The Five Mindfulness Trainings
  • The Four Immeasurable Minds
  • Understanding of non-self, impermanence, and cause and effect
  • Ability to take responsibility for all experiences
  • Understanding of our 5 primitive fears and 5 innate types of awareness
  • Regular retreat practice (at least 10 days a year)


  • Healthy relationships with others in their lives
  • Healthy financial stability
  • Team building
  • Organizational skills
  • Effective communication about one’s own experience
  • Ability to teach others
  • Social dynamics skills
  • Facilitation skills

Apprentices are expected to attend every Wednesday night public session.  In addition, there are two nights of teacher training a month. They are also paired together with a buddy and meet at least once a month to share and learn from each other.  Also they meet one-on-one with Paul for a consultation session at least once a month.  After apprentices have developed their practice sufficiently, they will start helping with the LG public sessions, which includes writing copy for the newsletter, coming up with a lesson plan, and facilitating part of the session. They are also expected to help coordinate and participate in LG retreats, which generally means at least one work session a month. In total, there are at least 9 events per month of 2-3 hours each that they are expected to attend.

If you are interested in training, email paulbaranowski at gmail dot com.