Developing a Daily Meditation Practice: Practice Tips

Practice Tip #3 – Finding a posture that works for you

Our physical body is a natural expression of our mind. If our body is in pain, it will be challenging to still the mind when we are just starting out in developing our daily meditation practice. So finding a comfortable yet alert posture that supports our practice is this week’s practice tip!

There are many ways of sitting; so find a posture that’s right for you, and this posture may change with time as your body changes.  Below, are a few common postures.

illustration credit to REALThings

There is no requirement to sit in a cross legged position. Whether you are choosing to sit on a chair or in any of the other sitting positions on the ground, try to bring your hips higher than your knees. When your hips are lifted, your back will naturally straighten, allowing you to sit more comfortably. When your physical body feels taken care of, you can dedicate more energy towards looking at more challenging things during your sitting practice. Try it out!


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