Developing a Daily Meditation Practice: Practice Tips

Welcome to the first edition of “Developing a Daily Meditation Practice: Practice Tips”! Here, I will be offering my insights and experience on the ways in which I developed a daily practice. My intention for this new blog series is to provide you with some tools to help you build the kind of structure that is needed to develop a daily practice in your own life. I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment to share your experiences of the practice tips; I want to hear about the joys and challenges of your journey! If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask 🙂

Practice Tip #1 – Prioritizing Your Time
If developing a daily meditation practice is important to you, then treat it in a manner that reflects this. Let your actions be in line with your intention. Structure your day so that mediation is included in your calendar; schedule it like you would with any event or meeting you intend on attending. After all, this is a special event, you’re spending time with yourself! So turn off your text/email notifications and allow yourself the time and space to connect with yourself with as little external distractions as possible. This is your time!


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