How to Practise Mindful Self Compassion

by Laurie Arron.

In these challenging times, it’s important to be kind to ourselves. Mindful Self-Compassion is all about bringing love to ourselves in the context of mindfulness practice. It shifts the lens from a focus on what we experience, to how we can care for the one experiencing it.

This may seem like a radical departure from the intention to dis-identify with the self but, face it, giving yourself love is not a bad idea! And Mindful Self-Compassion has some interesting ideas about how we can do that.

Mindful Self-Compassion has three elements: (1) self-kindness, (2) common humanity, and (3) mindfulness.

Many of us know how to disengage the Threat response, but Mindful Self-Compassion teaches us to actively engage the Care response. 

To learn more about Mindful Self Compassion and how it can be practised, see the attached presentation.

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