Kim Yee is a student and practitioner of Buddhist teachings. She discovered mindfulness and meditation through her work at Interaxon, the creators of MUSE: the brain-sensing headband, in 2014. Here, she met Paul Baranowski, VP of Development and Founder of Luminous Ground; he is now her principal Dharma teacher. Along with Paul, she co-founded “Mindfulness Hour” in 2016, an internal program created to bring meditation and mindfulness to the people of InteraXon. Through this program, and being a part of Luminous Ground, Kim sees the immense value in not only following the teachings of spirituality, but also in having a teacher and community to support one’s spiritual journey. On her journey, other than her main teacher, teachers who’ve been a source of great inspiration to her are Thich Nhat Hanh, Ken McLeod, and Reggie Ray. Learning and understanding their teachings through her own experiences, she aspires to also be a source of inspiration for others.