Roxana has been practicing meditation and studying Buddhist teachings since 2012 and has attended retreats in the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition and with Luminous Ground. Her enthusiasm and curiosity led her to explore several meditation groups, traditions and teaching styles, to find her home in Luminous Ground, under the training of Paul Baranowski. Roxana’s key motivation is not only about attaining individual liberation, although it includes that; it is not just about helping all beings to be free, although it includes that as well; it is motivation to regard and be with everything we experience right now – and the whole world – with love and courage, embrace and open to luminous ground within and all around us. She is dedicated to give back the priceless gifts she has been offered through her practice and training, studying toward becoming a teacher to help others in the path to happiness and freedom.

Roxana has an open and international outlook, originally from Romania and having lived in Japan, Singapore, and Toronto. In her day job, she develops risk models and methodologies for the financial service industry, and enjoys motivating and sharing the practice with her team. Roxana enjoys taking care and playing with her son Lukas, baking, drawing, writing poems, hosting dinners for the Sangha and other activities inspired by present moment experiences and the joy or challenges in her practice.